Another Example of Direct Manipulation

I have noted the power of direct manipulation here.

So, another example caught my mind when traveling in Dutch buses. These buses have a button near every seat which can be pressed, and that highlights the stop button on a screen far away, so that everyone can see it is on.

Pic 1

But while this is quite convenient, this runs into special problems when the bus is full and you are sitting in the back, or if your eyesight isn’t that good. This is another situation where direct manipulation can make the user experience better.

Check this:

Pic 2

We can just add a ring which lights up when the button is pressed. This would make the interaction much more comforting and immediate for the user. This has to be in addition to the ‘STOP’ sign – because everyone needs to see it, but in harsher conditions mentioned above, this would be a more powerful interaction.

(Of course, this would be a big engineering challenge and would also possibly involve more costs, but the aim here is better experience.)

One thought on “Another Example of Direct Manipulation

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