Technology and Freedom

2017 has been the year when technology enabled victims to talk about predators. First, came the blog post  which led to huge shifts at Uber, then same happened with the CEO of the popular Indian youtube channel TVF.

Then of course, Harvey Weinstein has made the news for decades long allegations of abuse. The question arises, what was happening all those years? The non-obvious answer, which comes from this article – is that technology happened. Essentially, people were afraid of Weinstein because he was a gatekeeper – he could make and break careers in Hollywood.

But today, the power is moving away from the gatekeepers – from movies to music to books. People can directly reach audiences, and hence few can control access. The old power structures which helped people like Weinstein to get away are being removed. It will become more and more unlikely to be able to get away with abuse of power.

This is because technology enables freedom.

And I think this freedom is here to stay, and most likely, become even more widespread.

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