Customer Obsession Wins

Amazon’s #1 Leadership Principle is customer obsession. But most people know that, because Jeff Bezos is among the richest people in the world.

While we know that companies like Amazon talk about customer obsession, I want to mention a lesser known company. Or, at least known less outside the product design community.

It’s called InVision.

It helps people in building prototypes for apps.

In a recent design project, I wanted to link the screens and give some some animation. I could do all that in the browser with InVision. It solved a huge problem for me. And while working with the app, I got the sense that the app makers got me. Like the product understood what I wanted, when I wanted it. It led me to this tweet.

But this isn’t all. I have worked with InVision before and they solved customer queries  fast. That’s what customer obsessed companies do. They don’t keep users waiting. Finally, they create a lot of content for product designers.

Here are the few points I noticed:

  • Product suited to user needs, it appeals to users
  • Product evolving rapidly – they changed it quite a bit, making it better
  • Flood of content through blogs and newsletters, all geared towards the user
  • Quick resolution of customer queries
  • Events geared to bring the community together

They ticked all these boxes, and just 3 days after I tweeted that I want to invest in them, this happened:


Ya, missed the bus, but hey, called it.

As another pointer, within minutes of posting the tweet about how I liked their product, within 3 minutes, I got a message from their team.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.46.30 AM

And, within a few more minutes, the tweet got replies/likes from not just other team members, but also from the VP of design partnerships, customer success managers,and also from the people on the board, like, the BOARD MEMBERS of the company. Yes, the board members are looking at live reactions to their product and responding. Almost in real time.


Welcome to the the world of customer obsession. This is how you win.

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