Little Things which Improve Experience

I have been a huge fan of Evernote. Almost an unpaid salesman. Maybe even better than their salesmen. Hell, I have friends who remember how I hard I pushed them to use Evernote 2 years ago.

And now a new note-taking app is on the horizon.

I almost feel guilty in using it, but in terms of writing experience, it is so much better than Evernote. It’s called Bear , and it caught my eye as it rose on the charts on Product Hunt. This is not a full review of the app, but just a small feature, which shows the thoughtfulness used in making the product.

I generally don’t like writing on my phone, but sometimes you need to make notes on the go. So, here is an example of making a note in Evernote:


Simple, right? There is nothing which jumps out from this screen as something which needs improvement, or is a problem to be solved. It works fine. You can take a moment to think about what would you improve in this simple experience – of taking notes on your mobile device.

Now, look at the same thing in Bear:


The font size difference in text suggestions. It is much bigger. And it makes a clearly better experience when making notes on your mobile device, where you are much more likely to need such suggestions (because small keyboard). This is what I want my products to be like – they should improve the experience in such a way that I could never have imagined.

It’s 2017, and it’s easy to think that note-taking is ‘solved’. But there can still be surprising new things.

Bear has won the Apple Design award for 2017, and now I can see why. I am not yet a paid or power user, but this thing is definitely worth checking out.


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