A podcast done well

iPods + broadcast = Podcast.

They are all the rage.

And as Steve Jobs explained them:

“It’s sort of like TiVo, for radio, for your iPod,” he said. “It’s not just the ‘Wayne’s World’ of radio, but real radio is jumping onto this.”

This article explains quite a lot about the podcasts business.

But I want to share my experience. I found most of the podcasts boring. Yes, some are good which come from your network, but I’d rather just skim and read text. I am not alone in this sentiment:


But there is quite a buzz around them, and everyone who is anyone is doing them. Music people are doing them, Game of Thrones is doing them, Comedians are doing them, Sportspeople are doing them and of course Silicon Valley is doing them, which brings me to the point of this post.

Most are boring because most are just some guys talking, and unless they are really entertaining or insightful, it can bore you quite fast. Many people recommend listening at 2x speed. So, I was not a fan.

Then I heard the Masters of Scale podcast by Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn). He makes it fun. Makes it like really entertaining radio. There are a lot of audio effects, little musical notes, jokes, and of course great storytelling. Hard to explain it all, the level of detail is great and you learn insights on business & growth at the same time.

Give it a shot, if only to know what’s possible with just audio content.

PS: While writing this, I discovered this, also quite interesting in terms of seeing what’s possible with audio.

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