Art is not an option

Just yesterday, out of some reflections over a long walk, I wrote that Everyone should make Art, and today I stumbled on this talk by Jordan Peterson. Some of the interesting quotes from the video:

“Beauty is unbelievably crucial to economic development.”

“Buy a damn piece of art, find one that really speaks to you.”

“People in the middle ages, they started building a cathedral and they were like, yeah we will be done in 300 years, you know, imagine the vision which it took to invest in something like that, we look at quarterly reports, we can’t look 300 years into the future.”

(Talking about the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.)

Sagrada Familia: Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

“Music is the one thing that modern people can’t be cynical about, thank god for that.”

“People are terrified of art because they don’t want anyone laughing at them for their lack of taste, and they would get laughed at, because they have no taste, because… you have to develop it.”

“Artistic types are also Entrepreneurial types, they have the same personality types.. so it’s worthwhile to make an economic and practical case for this sort of thing.”

“If you can read and think and communicate, you are absolutely, 100% unstoppable.”

“[Art and literature]… is not an option. .. literally, not metaphorically, we cannot live without it.”

On another note, I always felt there was something wrong when people said that design is not art. If computer programming can be an art, why not design? This article presents a fresh, thoughtful take on it. For me, anything made with artistic intent is art, and that’s that.

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