Hitting a target no one can see (yet)

Something personal – I want to inject fresh energy to this publication. This is the 61st post, and according to Seth Godin, just a thousand will give us a good start. In his own words,

For years, I’ve been explaining to people that daily blogging is an extraordinarily useful habit. Even if no one reads your blog, the act of writing it is clarifying, motivating and (eventually) fun.

A collection of daily bloggers I follow have passed 1,000 posts (it only takes three years or so…). Fortunately, there are thousands of generous folks who have been posting their non-commercial blogs regularly, and it’s a habit that produces magic.

A habit that produces magic.

I wrote more than 50 posts here last year, and it gave me the heady feeling of expanding my horizons. I want that again. I want to reach places I do not see yet. I am a huge fan of the ideas from the book Antifragile by Nassim Taleb – in which he talks about making the most of randomness, to gain from chaos and disorder. One way to do it is to set up a daily practice of learning and sharing, and this practice would take one to interesting places which are not apparent at the start.

It seems that if talent hits a target no one else can hit, and  genius hits a target no one else can see, then, the Antifragile should hit a target even he or she cannot see.

I want to hit targets I do not see.

So, I here I will push to reach 1000 posts. 61 are already done, just 939 are left . Maybe I will write daily, maybe more frequently, maybe less frequently, but that does not matter, I only want to produce magic.

Thanks for joining in the ride.

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