The value of quantifying human experience.. 8 Billion Dollars

Some time back, I wrote about how companies are coming up which help in quantifying human experience.

Wow, so many companies creating value by finding ways to capture and quantify human experience. This fits into a broad historical trend (Kevin Kelley said so in his new book). Across time, the cost of technology goes down, and the value of human experience goes up. With another trend of quantifying everything, it makes sense that there will be more and more companies creating value by quantifying human experience and suggesting ways to improve it.

In the same post, I mentioned Qualtrics, which had raised a large amount of funding – on the core product promise of quantifying experience.

Today, am happy to observe that Qualtrics has been acquired by SAP for USD 7.93 Billion. According to Techcrunch,

This is the second-largest ever acquisition of a SaaS company, after Oracle’s purchase of Netsuite for $9.3 billion in 2016.

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