Self Driving Humans

How do you react when facing a blank page?

Some people want others to tell them what to do, some don’t want others to tell them what to do, and some don’t mind others telling them what to do.

Founders, authors, creators of any sort – people who regularly face uncertainty and open-ended problems – learn to be OK with ambiguity. They learn to listen to their gut, to have faith in the process, to realize that even if they fail, they will take away lessons, and hence gain value.

People in (some) big companies, or repeatable jobs become averse to ambiguity.

Many workers today worry about machines taking their jobs. Some people say AI will create jobs instead and this debate does not seem to slow down.

But here is the thing – if you are a self-driven person and face uncertainty regularly, it is unlikely that an algorithm will be able to do your job. Because no one can really define it.

Another way to think about this – can some other human take your job with some training? If you can be replaced by an unknown fairly competent person, then your job might be a target for an algorithm.


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