Streeek !

Celebration of small wins helps in making a behavior easier and habitual. Every small win should be followed by a small celebration, immediately. Maybe just congratulating ourselves, or saying to ourselves, “I’m awesome!”.

Or, in this case, making a little graphic of a person dancing.

Used the lovely Humaaans library to create this, and no I don’t have orange hair, or much hair 🙂

The small win I want to share – today is the 31st consecutive day I write here. So, the small victory was writing everyday, and ideally about products, design and human behavior.

Quite a few people write everyday, and I used to wonder how did they do it? Because they travel, and meet people, and work, and get dips in energy. And I don’t know how they have been able to do it for thousands of days.

But I did it, for 30 days at least. I traveled internationally, traveled inside the country, went on 12 hour car trips, delivered important work, spent time with my family, and met old friends.

You might not consider 30 days to be significant, but I have learned quite a few things because of writing regularly and here’s hoping for many more days like this.

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