Hitting a target you can’t see

Around 40 days ago, I articulated a purpose for writing here – to hit targets I can’t see. I have seen some effects, especially in hitting new ideas. But hopefully there is more to come.

I find a reinforcement of this idea echoed by an artist/technologist:

You can’t keep your gaze tightly fixed on the outcome you want because it will lock your mind onto the strategies you currently have for meeting them, which by definition probably don’t work (otherwise you would have succeeded already and you wouldn’t need to use the strategy).

I encourage you to read her whole piece, which has unique insights to become better as an artist, or any creator.

And I love that the whole piece has a ring of the superstitious, the believer, in us. For example, she uses the word ‘magicians’ for people whose skills we do not understand, instead of the mundane word ‘experts’ or even ‘geniuses’.  She is ‘seeking’ a path, and sees a ‘glow’ in them:

Magicians or their work often seem to have a subconscious glow that I am drawn to, particularly if they use a type of magic that I recognise is on my critical path and thus something I’m currently seeking.

She also talks about how your ‘strategy’ can make you ‘suffer’:

But for the things you care about most, or are causing you the most suffering, there is probably a nonlinear strategy that you will miss if you pay too close attention to the linear strategy you current have or that people recommend.

And the final paragraph talks about the power of your subconscious mind. Again, I recommend reading it in full – on this link.

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