The Slow Hunch

Intuition, gut-thinking, snap judgements get a bad rap in today’s data hungry world. We think of intuition as something instantaneous. So, someone developing an intuition over a span of years – sounds like an idea I knew no name for.

The Slow Hunch.

In the book ‘Where good ideas come from’ by Steven Johnson, he talks of this idea of intuition developing slowly over time.

The snap judgements of intuition … are rarities in the history of world-changing ideas. Most hunches that turn into important innovations unfold over much longer time frames. They start with a vague, hard-to-describe sense that there’s an interesting solution to a problem that hasn’t yet been proposed, and they linger in the shadows of the mind, sometimes for decades, assembling new connections and gaining strength.

Because these slow hunches need so much time to develop, they are fragile creatures, easily lost to the more pressing needs of day-to-day issues.

I think that if you have such a slow hunch, you would find it hard to give it the right words on-demand, and maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe it’s better to wait for the right time to let the solution come into view.

I feel something similar about a few things, like crypto, which I mentioned yesterday. I have been stealthily peeking at the crypto world for around 2.5 years now, and at some deep level, there is a fascination, a bit of a sense of puzzle pieces finding a place. There is something going on here, though I can’t frame the best reasons for it.

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