What’s next?

I have not made a plan or vision for 2019, but it will be on the lines of continuing the work started in November 2018. More reading, more writing, more empathy and more humanism. And hopefully better design in all of my work.

And writing here will be a big part of 2019, powered by the momentum of writing daily since the last fifty something days.

That brings us to you.

What would you like more of in Curated Intelligence?

What would you like less of? Do you read daily? Do you like posts with more pictures or numbers? Do you want shorter posts or larger ones? Which particular ideas did you find interesting and would like to see more? What other publications and blogs do you read which you find insightful?

Just comment here, or reply to the mail (if you are reading this in mail).

Of course you can respond anytime you like later also, I just want to grab the chance as the year starts.

Let’s have a curious and learning filled year.

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