Think about it deeply, then forget it

Our mind can produce ideas when we step away from a problem.

In the TV series ‘Mad Men’, the central character, a creative head at an advertising agency, gives this advice to his junior to get ideas:

Just think about it deeply, then forget it. An idea will jump in your face.

This was a common method in the advertising industry. The book ‘A technique for producing ideas‘ lays out the method in more detail. It was written by the adman James Webb Young. In his method too, after you have done the necessary homework, you need to let it rest, so that your unconscious mind will find the solution –

What you have to do at this time, apparently, is to turn the problem over to your unconscious mind and let it work while you sleep.

But I am afraid that in today’s age we rarely have the luxury of ‘getting away’. And I don’t know how many have the leisure to ‘think deeply’.

Maybe this is why some people think that we have too much money and too few ideas.

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