Returning to human scale

Some people are feeling the urge to return to human scale, to localism.

If we just look at the last decade or so, globalization seemed positive and inevitable. People would be able to move, explore, experience the world, economies would prosper from global trade and immigration.

But there have been previous trends where globalization came and went back, though most of our generation wasn’t born at the time. 1930s, the time of the Great Depression, was one such time.

What does this mean?

Means that some people now want small. Smaller cities, more human design. Less of cars, more of scooters, hashtag micro mobility.

Yesterday, I found this thread on twitter which puts light on this trend, from the perspective of urban planning:

(Link to the thread)

What does this mean for product design? I find this question hard, but a few hints are present. The products fitting this trend will tend to be: local, artisanal, sustainable, accessible, human, and enabling creation and not just consumption.

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