About Me

I am Gaurav Mathur, and I am always curious about people, products, and their relationship.

I designed a digital consumer product (Pratilipi.com) which is now used by more than a Million people worldwide, and that’s when I knew I loved making products and working with startups. Some of my design work can be found here – Strategic Product Design.

I currently work in the Netherlands at Visionplanner, where I work on enterprise product design Рwhich is a completely different beast compared to consumer product design. I especially like the part where it seems people are logical, but then subtle human qualities peep out Рand they affect the bottom-line.

I have an MS in Product Design, MBA in Marketing and Bachelor’s in Computer Science. And I would advise my younger self to learn more Statistics and Design, and to write more !

You can reach out to me on Twitter. I would love to hear what you are curious about in the world of products and design, and build the ideas together.

And yes, I love reading books.